Andy Ioannou



Andy took 5 private lessons at Easy Stretch SA over the course of 3 weeks. Here is what he wants to say:


“Over the last number of years the only forms of exercise I carried out were running and playing golf. I never applied stretching techniques in either of these activities. In recent times, particularly with playing golf, I found that I had lost a lot of the flexibility I previously had. This prompted me to look at stretching techniques that could improve my flexibility. By doing Zaichik stretching I have found that my flexibility has improved. I now feel that my golf swing is a controlled motion from loading up to follow through. I must say that I find the techniques incredibly effective and relatively easy to do.  I also believe with continued practice, the stretching will also improve the energy flow in my body, releasing blockages and resulting in improved health. The great thing is that this can be done with relatively little effort. Definitely worth trying!”