Nadia Loureiro

Age 40


Nadia took 3 private lessons at Easy Stretch SA over the course of 3 weeks to assist with pinched sciatica. This is her exerience:


"About fifteen years ago I had a severe ski injury and never treated it. As a result, every now and then I would feel pain in my lower back. Recently after exposing my body to the cold for a couple of hours, a sharp forward bend triggered an unbearably painful muscle spasm in my lower back.

My body felt as if it was completely torn apart! 

It was more than I could handle! 

I couldn’t sit, stand, lie down or do any side movement without experiencing severe pain. My posture was disrupted and I was bending one side more than the other. I tried physiotherapy, acupuncture, electric pulsing procedures, hot water bottle and daily stretches on a “Lajin Table”. I am not saying they didn’t help, they did! But it was more like the feeling of instant relief after which the pain and the discomfort was back.

After Lilyana introduced me to the Zaichik Stretching Technique the pain subsided right after the very first session.

It was such a relief!!!

My posture was back to normal and slowly but surely, with practising the exercises at home I was gaining my usual movements back. There was a considerable easing when sitting, lying down or getting up. I was more flexible and my close friends and I started to notice a big change in my body shape. By the third week I started losing centimetres off my waist as well as my hips. Eventually my mobility came back in full and I started feeling that my body was lighter.

I intend to continue working out, using the Zaichik Stretching Technique, as a daily practice in my life, as I find it extremely helpful and beneficial. I am looking forward to developing a stronger body." 


   Significant flexibility improvement after 3 weeks of practicing Zaichik Stretching Technique


Jason Tolmay

Jason took a 2h long private lesson at EasyStratch SA to assist with improveing flexibility and strength in the right shoulder after an injury.

This is his experience:

"After dislocating my shoulder, EasyStretch improved my mobility almost instantly.

After a few weeks I had regained all of my flexibility, and after a few months, all of my strength. 

EasyStretch is a great program and I would recommend it to anyone!"

Complete regain of flexibility and strenght after 4 months of practicing Zaichik Stretching Technique