Group Classes
Group class
1h Group Class - R120 
Group Classes are focused on stretching the whole body from head to toe. Regular EasyStretch class will not only increase your flexibility, it will also balance, relax and rejuvenate your body. The classes are conducted in a relaxed and peaceful environment and they’re kept small to ensure that all students receive equal attention. Each day of the week is dedicated to different muscle groups and the class format includes warm up, ZST and strength exercises. The group classes intend to improve general flexibility in the body. Students who wish to also focus on a specific muscle or increase flexibility for sport, dance, yoga, ect., should consider taking a private lesson.


 Please find below  the Weekly Class Timetable and Special Packages: 


Monthly Packages

4 x 1h Group Classes per month
Ts&Cs Apply
8 x 1h Group Classes per month
Ts&Cs Apply
12 x Group Classes 
per month
Ts&Cs Apply
Weekly Class Timetable
                                                                  RANDBURG * MELVILLE                
Date/Time  Monday Wednesday       Thursday       Friday   Saturday
08:30 Long Hip Flexors, Extensors of the Spine,  Abdominals, Cervical Spine 
09:00 * Glutes, Long Hip Flexors, Shoulder and Arm Flexors, Foot & Wrist Flexors  
14:00 Hip Adductors & Flexors, Shoulder Extensors, Foot & Wrist Flexors
15:30 Glutes, Hamstrings, Hip Flexors, Foot Flexors
18:00 Glutes, Short Hip Flexors, Shoulder Adductors, Cervical Spine Glutes, Hip Adductors, Hamstrings, Extensors of the Spine 


* T­­he Class on Saturday is at 2to Tango Studio in Melville. You can find the address here