General Flexibility

Elvis Alwali


Elvis took 6 private lessons at Easy Stretch SA over the course of 3 weeks to assist with his goal "to touch his toes" in forward bend. This is his exerience:


 "I've been looking for a way to increase my flexibility in the hamstrings and working with Lily for only 3 weeks, I already see a big difference. I am now able to touch my toes and reach even further! 

Yoga and gym is helpful but this exercises just took it to another level. The stretching exercise are very gentle (not hardcore at all), but they take you much further and deeper into the stretch.

I think I will be able to do the splits very soon!

What’s also important is that i can do the exercise on my own at home. These exercises, in my opinion,are one of the best techniques to become more flexible safe and easy. As a bonus they help with general stability and balance awareness. What I also like about this technique is that it incorporates strengthening exercises to assist with weak muscles. "

   Significant flexibility improvement in the hamstrings after 3 weeks of practicing Zaichik Stretching Technique