Why Choose Zaichik Technique?
Easy to do
It works Fast
It's Safe


EasyStretch SA is the first stretching school in South Africa to offer the Zaichik Stretching Technique, a fast, easy and safe way to improve your flexibility. Together with specifically designed warm ups and strength exercises, we offer you a complete workout that will take your body to a stronger, more balanced and younger-feeling state.   


Lilyana is a certified ZST instructor and a professional Tango dancer. Since she was a child, she loved stretching and throughout the years she's practiced yoga, pilates, qigong, ballet.
Our clients say...
Happy client
Nadia Loureiro
After Lilyana introduced me to the Zaichik Stretching Technique the pain subsided right after the very first session. 

It was such a relief!!! 

Happy client
Andy Ioannou 
By doing Zaichik Stretching I have found that my flexibility has improved. I can now feel that my golf swing is a controlled motion from loading up to follow through. 
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